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The earliest known use of Cast Stone was in the year 1138 for the Cité de Carcassonne in the South of France. In 1824, Joe Aspidin, a mason in London, patented a mix of Cast Stone consisting of limestone, silica, iron ore, and shale. This Cast Stone circulated through England in the early 1900s and made its way to America in the 1920s. Classic Stone Creations models our stone compositions off of this durable and lasting mixture recipe.

Our casting mixtures are blends of natural stone aggregates bonded together with premium white cement. Because we bond our natural stone aggregates together with cement, they will not degrade over-time or when exposed to environmental elements like acid rain or sunlight.
Our products have all the warmth of Italian limestone or marble while being stronger and more durable. They are ideally suited for both interior and exterior environments. With our wide range of colors and unlimited designs, you will easily find a product to fit your needs. Our artisans can craft smooth, burnished, or antiqued textures with crisp edges.

Almond- polished/light distressed
Sunflower Seed- Polished/light distressed

Our experienced, dedicated, and talented architectural designers are of great importance to the success of your project. Our architectural designers are very knowledgeable architectural styles and installation techniques. Their unique talents that only master training and experience can provide will add the je ne sais quoi.

No matter what your dream house looks like, it will be tasteful and remarkable with our two stone compositions to choose from. With our Classic style, you’ll achieve a marbled appearance, while our Limestone style resembles the travertine limestone that much of Rome’s architecture is carved out of. We can apply either a very smooth finish or a heavily distressed finish, and our Architectural Design Consultants are happy to assist you in designating the most perfect choice. Because we bond our natural fine stone aggregates together with premium white cement, your Classic Stone Creations columns will not only add beauty, but the value to your home since the material is incredibly strong and durable.